Annual Lectures

26 February 2016: “Documenting the emergence of the Cult of Saints: possibilities and challenges”
Inaugural Lecture of the Centre for Late Antique Studies
(Bryan Ward-Perkins)

14 April 2017: “Elite Contestations and the Crisis of 455” (Professor Michele Salzman)

21 February 2018: “Speeches on stone: a roadmap towards Late Antiquity through epigraphy”(Silvia Orlandi)

3 April 2019:Quoddam sacerdotium: the Mysteries of the State and the Self-perceptions of the late Roman bureaucratic elite” (Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner)

12 March 2021:  “Disaster in Late Antiquity: Scale, Agency, and Narrative” (Kristina Sessa)

8 April 2022: “Simitthus in the first millennium AD. The multiple transformations of a Roman town in Africa” (Dr Philipp von Rummel) 

11 November 2022:  “The Consistory of the Late Roman Emperors” (Ignazio Tantillo)